No local entity needed. Receive in local currency. 24/7 transactions.

What we do

Instant payment processor in Brazil, specialized in PIX and Cross border payments.

No matter what you sell, we can handle your payments around Brazil with security, agility and best rates.
Receive in your local currency.

Brazil numbers

212.6 million

Brazilian population

5 million 

Brazilian immigrants in the world

14 million

Brazilian tourists in the world

1400 USD

Average Brazilian tourist spend 


Facilitate payments by offering PIX to Brazilians and receive payments in your local currency through our services.

Pay In & Pay Out

Instant payment processing via PIX for Brazilians and via SPEI for Mexicans, directly on your platform in a transparent way.


Instant validation of your users’ documents to ensure that everyone is within the best compliance and PLD practices.

Cross border payments

Count on the best cost-benefit and speed to receive your remittances in local currency, directly into your bank account.

Board your business in the Brazilian rocket directly to the moon. The trip is just starting!

The Brazilian audience is present all over the world, consuming services and products from sectors such as tourism, experiences, entertainment, gastronomy, sports, games and e-commerce! No matter the size of your business, start selling with PIX today, our onboarding is fast and hassle-free!

43 million 

individuals on pix

13,3 million 

companies on pix (in the pix rocket)

15,5 trillion 

in pix transactions


5-star service offering unique benefits that you will find only here!

Zero chargeback

Antifraud for local transactions

Support 24/7

Zero Bureaucracy

Cross Border

Zero cost for the retailer

Be global.
Enjoy the Brazilian rocket market
and board at our starship.